Farewell to Tom Dienes

GW Law lost a beloved member of the law school community April 24, when C. Thomas Dienes, Lyle T. Alverson Professor Emeritus of Law, passed away at the age of 74.

A member of GW’s faculty since 1980, Professor Dienes was widely cited for his scholarship in the areas of constitutional law and media law. During his remarkable career, he wrote or co-wrote nine books and monographs, including Constitutional Law: Principles and Policy, now in its ninth edition, and Newsgathering and the Law, in its third edition. He will be remembered and missed by the thousands of students he educated and inspired during his lifetime.

“Tom left in his passing a legacy that few could equal in terms of the scholarship and lives shaped by his work,” said GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley, his longtime colleague and friend. 

“While many knew Tom as an intellectual, he would probably brush away such a label in favor of the title he cherished to the day of his passing: teacher. Tom… lived to educate others: to convey not only his knowledge, but his deep love for the law. He measured his success not in the library of publications he left but in the literally thousands of students that he touched in his lifetime. They are his truest legacy.”