A Revolution in Library Research

The digital revolution has changed more than how students conduct research in the law library. It has completely changed how they gather materials.

It wasn’t too many years ago that the Burns Law Library could barely keep up with student demand for photocopiers. At one point the library had seven copiers placed throughout the facility, and at times that didn’t even seem enough.

The library now has three copiers, and they are seldom used. Students prefer to store material digitally on one of the four new scanners housed in the library. The Scannx scanners, manufactured by Xerox, enable students to scan and send materials to an e-mail address, store them on a portable USB drive, or capture them on their iPhone or tablet computer using a “smart code.” Gone are the days when students, after standing in line, walked away from a photocopier carrying massive quantities of paper. So in addition to providing a great new service for students, the library is helping the environment.