United States v. Semeniuk-Hauser

After hearing oral argument in the case of United States v. Semeniuk-Hauser, U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals Judges Steven Haight, Lorianne Campanella, and Gregory E. Maggs look on as Chief Judge (Brig. Gen.) Charles Pede (standing right) speaks to the audience.

The U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals heard arguments in February in the case of United States v. Semeniuk-Hauser. The hearing, held in the Jacob Burns Moot Court Room, was an official legal proceeding open to the public. 

A court martial tried the appellant and found him guilty of using cocaine, distributing cocaine, and wrongfully introducing cocaine into Fort Polk in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He appealed his conviction, raising two assignments of error. The panel hearing the appeal consisted of three military judges: Col. Lorianne Campanella, Col. Steven Haight, and Col. Gregory E. Maggs, then interim dean of the law school.