June 21, 2021


Why Do I Need a Construction Lawyer?

From drafting contracts to dealing with claims, an Arizona construction lawyer can help those in the construction industry deal with all things construction law.

There are many reasons and benefits to investing in a construction law lawyer, especially if you are involved in a number of construction projects.

When to use a Construction Lawyer

When you are looking for advice and guidance on a construction law matter, turn to a construction lawyer who knows about all things construction law. If you are in the construction industry, you should have a construction lawyer to turn to, but when will you really need them?

Every project needs a contract and a construction lawyer can take the lead in drafting and reviewing contracts. Construction lawyers can also assist when there is:

–           A contract dispute

–           A breach of contract

–           Delays in a project

–           Defects in a project (construction defect claim)

A construction lawyer can also help with construction liens and any claims that need to be filed. In addition, a construction lawyer can help with:

–           Scheduling construction projects

–           Budgeting construction projects

–           Ensure all requirements are met on every construction project

–           Protecting payments

–           Assisting with insurance and bonding agreements

–           Preparing and reviewing any documents needed for loans

Finding the Right Construction Lawyer

You don’t want to work with just any lawyer, you want to work with a lawyer who specializes in construction law. A lawyer who specializes in construction law should be experienced and know the construction laws in your state.

Reviews and referrals don’t lie. This is going to be your best bet when finding the right construction lawyer. If your peers don’t have any referrals, then rely on online reviews. A good lawyer is going to have plenty of reviews to back up their work.

Set-up a consultation with the lawyer you are interested in. Make sure that you are going to work well with them and that there will be no lack of communication. Once you find the lawyer that you feel is going be the best for you, it is time to move forward.

Always be honest and upfront with your lawyer. Remember, they are on YOUR side. If you can’t be honest with your lawyer, you are not going to get the best outcome. It is always a good idea to create a strong rapport with your lawyer so that they can be the go to person when you need them.

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