June 25, 2021


When Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Nashville?

When should I hire a car accident attorney? This is an excellent question and one that often gets asked before an incident has occurred. The answer to this question will always depend on how serious the injury is, no matter who was involved.

First, when there has been no negligence on the part of the other drivers involved, you should not have to move quickly to hire a car accident lawyer. Even if no one was injured, the best answer to the question should I hire a collision lawyer is, “never!” Negligence is not a word that you want to place near the name of a car accident lawyer because it takes away from the event you have just been involved in and may continue to take away from your future. It is important to consider the following circumstances:

The first circumstance is the most common. You are involved in a traffic accident that was caused by another driver that failed to yield the right of way. This is the most common and perhaps the scariest scenario because it can involve serious injuries and sometimes even death. If you are involved in such a traffic incident and were not speeding or swerving, you are fortunate. However, if you were racing or attempting to beat the other person to the spot, you may be dealing with a problem that is more serious.

The second circumstance is often a bit more difficult to determine when you should have called an attorney to come and take care of the accident. When you hit someone or a vehicle, what do you do next? Many people are unsure if they should call the police and insurance company right away. You should always wait for the other party to press charges before contacting the proper lawyer. It is also important to contact your lawyer as soon as you know that you sustained any type of injury so that he or she has the information to assess your case and your future medical bills.

The third and final circumstance is one that many people never think to consider when they should have called an attorney after being in a car crash. You may not realize this, but you could be faced with life-threatening injuries from the accident. For example, if you were thrown clear across the street you could suffer internal bleeding, brain damage, or even death. When you hire an experienced car accident attorney, you will be better able to determine what course of action you should take in order to protect your future.

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