May 2022


How Do I Recover From an Accident With a Stolen Vehicle?

Car accidents are stressful enough, but things get even more complicated when the individual who hit you is driving a stolen vehicle. People who steal a car and cause an accident often flee the scene to avoid getting caught. The vehicle owner cannot be held responsible since the thief was not authorized to take the vehicle.

 You do, however, have possibilities for recouping your losses. A Toledo car accident attorney can explain these terms to you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Thieves’ insurance coverage

After an accident, the negligent driver’s insurance carrier is responsible for providing compensation for the damages. Even if the at-fault party stole the vehicle they were driving, this premise still applies. Due to the fact that the thief was committing a crime at the time of the accident, the insurer may refuse to pay. Recovering damages from the driver of a stolen vehicle can be tricky.

It is also possible that the thief’s insurance carrier will not accept a claim because they didn’t remain at the accident scene. The challenge would be identifying which insurance company to contact if this were to occur. If the police discover them, you may be able to file a claim with their insurance coverage. The way forward should still be clear, even if they cannot be located. 

Your Own Insurance Company

Toledo has minimal vehicle insurance requirements, but this only covers property damage and bodily injury resulting from a collision. Unfortunately, if you are not able to track down the driver of the stolen vehicle, you will not receive compensation. Nonetheless, depending on the type of insurance you are trying to obtain, you might be able to claim reimbursement from your own insurer.

The driver who fled the scene may be covered by an uninsured (UM) or underinsured motorist policy (UIM). Your policy offers coverage if a driver strikes you and your passengers after fleeing the scene of an accident and cannot be identified. This type of insurance policy will cover you if, at a later date, an alleged perpetrator leaves the scene of an accident in a stolen vehicle.

Finally, if your insurance policy covers MedPay, you can utilize it to pay your medical expenditures. In all cases, it is recommended that one acquire UM (Uninsured Motorists) and UIM (Underinsured Motorists) insurance, aside from MedPay.

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How does a lawyer dismiss Drug Traffic Charges?

When a person is arrested and charged with drug trafficking, they may feel like there is no hope. However, with the help of a qualified lawyer, it is possible to get the charges dismissed. In this blog post, we will discuss how a lawyer can help their client get out of this difficult situation. Keep reading for more information! Check

If you are charged with drug trafficking, it is important to have a lawyer who understands the law and can help you get the charges dismissed. Drug trafficking is a serious crime that can result in long prison sentences. But there are ways to fight the charges and get your life back on track.

Dismiss Drug Trafficking Charges:

If you have been charged with drug trafficking, it is important to know that there are ways to fight the charges and potentially get them dismissed. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can work to build a strong defense on your behalf and help you navigate the legal process.

There are a number of defenses that can be used in drug trafficking cases, depending on the facts of each case. Some common defenses include entrapment, illegal search and seizure, and lack of knowledge or intent. Your lawyer will review the facts of your case and determine which defenses may apply.

Fighting drug trafficking charges can be complex and challenging, but it is important to remember that you have rights, and there are ways to defend yourself against these serious charges. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

Defend the client:

How the lawyer can defend their client if they are facing drug trafficking charges will depend on the facts and circumstances of each individual case. However, there are a few general strategies that can be used in order to try and get the charges dismissed or reduce the penalties that their client is facing.

One strategy is to attack the police’s investigation and argue that their client’s rights were violated at some point during the process. This could lead to evidence being thrown out, which could weaken the prosecutor’s case against the defendant. Another option is to try and negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor where the charges are reduced in exchange for a guilty plea.

The Final Word

Suppose you or someone you know is facing drug trafficking charges. In that case, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can assess your individual case and devise the best defense strategy. With the help of a lawyer, it may be possible to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced.

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Owning a home is a dream come true for most people. It can be a nerve-wracking process even for those who have undergone this process multiple times before. Irrespective of whether you are selling or purchasing a house, there are so many steps that have to be followed. Every step you take in this transaction, you need to double-check everything. Even when you can do that, things can go wrong. As we are not always about the legalities, things can spiral out of control before we know it. It is always best to have experts by your side. What can be a better option than hiring a Real Estate Lawyer Richmond Hill? As they have ground experience in carrying out these transactions. Having them by your side can help to make the process as smooth as butter. How do you find the right real estate lawyer? We are here to help you find the answer so that you no longer feel daunted when spoilt for choice.

Years of Practice

The first thing to look at is the years of experience the lawyers have had in practising as real estate lawyers. Each transaction is unique and needs to be handled with care. The lawyer should go through each file thoroughly and proactively identify the problems. Only a trained eye would be able to nitpick all the possible issues that could arise. As they have been working in the area for a while, they know how the process works. This will enable you to have a smooth process and also help to ensure that the transaction is wrapped up as soon as possible.

Passionate and Diligent Lawyers 

Lawyers should always work towards fighting to protect the interests and legal rights of their clients. Only the team of lawyers that has your best interests in mind will provide you with the support and guidance you need through the process. They understand how daunting it can be. To make the process a smooth sailing experience for you, they will go through the documents thoroughly to ensure that there are no potential issues. Having such a team of lawyers by your side can instantly help you to be calm.

Client-Centred Approach

When hiring a lawyer you must get the attention you deserve. As each case and client is unique, personalized attention must be provided. Transparent communication between the two is a requirement. When you know what is happening and are given a regular update about the file, it helps the mind to be at ease.

Best Competitive Pricing

Pricing plays a determining role when hiring a lawyer. Often experienced lawyers charge a price that can be difficult to pay. Lawyers like those at MB Property Law provide their clients with the best competitive pricing in the market. They will also ensure that all your interests are protected and all the deadlines are met.

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Four Important Considerations Before You Settle Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have an existing personal injury claim, you may be wondering whether or not to consider an out-of-court settlement. The answer to this depends on the circumstances of your case and how you wish to move on with your life after your injury. Usually, it is a good idea to work with an experienced Alliance Law Group attorney who can give you advice on when a settlement offer is fair. Your lawyer will advise you against accepting an offer that does not cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Before you decide to settle your claim, here are factors you must consider:

Your Legal Representation

Trying to deal with an insurance provider will usually put you at a disadvantage. While this can get a quick settlement, it may not be enough to cover all your expenses and losses. Surveys show that personal injury claimants tend to get a better insurance payout when they have legal representation. 

Maximum Recovery from Your Injuries

Your settlement should include compensation or your medical expenses, which include current and future medical treatment. You must only settle if you know all your medical expenses. But you can only get this information if you have fully recovered from your injuries. Once you reach maximum recovery, you will be able to determine the costs of your previous medical treatments and the cost of future medical care you may need. 

Pain and Suffering

Your claim should also demand compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, and mental distress. Such damages are especially essential if you have endured a long, painful recovery or sustained a permanent disfigurement or disability. Your attorney can translate these damages to a dollar amount. To assess these damages, they will take into account certain factors and dig into the outcomes of other people’s personal injury cases.  


If negotiating a settlement with an insurance company does not work, your attorney may advise you to file a lawsuit against the negligent party to pursue maximum compensation. When you go to court, the insurer will know you are willing to fight for your right to compensation no matter what it takes.  Because of this, the insurer may make a more reasonable offer. Otherwise, you could take your case to trial. In this case, a judge will decide the monetary award you deserve based on their assessment of your case including your injuries, accident, and related facts. 

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The Importance Of Guardianship

Guardianship is a legal process in which a court grants someone the right to make critical life decisions on behalf of someone who cannot grasp and perform such things for themselves, such as medical treatment, living arrangements, and sometimes financial management. The procedure is intended to prevent someone who is unable to make decisions for themselves from being exploited, abused, or neglected. The following are some of the importance of Guardianship.


If you are concerned that once you pass away, a loved one would be left to make their own decisions, even though they are incapable of doing so? You’ll never have to worry about this if you have a guardian. The guardian can make all of the proper decisions for this person while still allowing them to live their lives as they like.

Strong Support System

A person with a mental illness may be unable to make sound decisions. Without a robust support structure, these individuals frequently make decisions that place them in a vulnerable situation. This is never an issue when a legal guardian is in place since the impaired person always has a reliable person on their side.


Knowing that a loved one will have a reliable guardian will offer you a piece of mind if nothing else. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that this individual will be looked after no matter what occurs. It is for this reason that Guardianship is essential.

A Court Order backs it Up.

If the court appoints a guardian, the guardian has a fiduciary duty to act in the ward’s best interests. The court will monitor how decisions are made and how assets are managed to certify that a guardian is executing his responsibility. Suppose there is a disagreement between the person who is finally chosen as guardian to make these decisions and other family members who disagree with the caregiver. In that case, the judge can settle the matter in court, allowing everyone a chance to speak about the caring situation.

Delegate Control to a Reliable Third Party

The court will choose a family member, friend, or business guardian who can be trusted to make choices for the ward when a guardian is appointed.

Guardianship Provides Security

When a person is found incapable, and a general guardian is appointed, they lose the ability to manage their funds, modify their will, or participate in risky financial behavior. This safeguards the person’s assets and income against “predatory family members” or “friends” whose true intentions are more concerned with money than with the person’s well-being. The guardianship procedure can prevent many of these financially devastating situations. The incapable person cannot be exploited, issue checks, or be taken to the bank while under Guardianship because their signature has no legal standing and has no effect on financial management. Guardianship is an excellent way to safeguard assets from exploitation.

Social Benefits

 It is vital to have a parent or legal guardian sign something in many cases, especially with minor children. Being designated as a guardian will help to avoid any extra problems or delays when dealing with these usual requests.

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