Malta is a member of the European Union and boasts a stable political climate, a growing economy, and is home to some of the world’s soundest banks. This country, nestled in the centre of the wonderful Mediterranean Sea, is an ideal destination to call your second home. Not only for its natural beauty and climate, but also because it offers Maltese Citizenship that associates a wide range of benefits for high-net-worth individuals.

Eligibility for Maltese Citizenship

The Community Malta Agency oversees Malta Citizenship by Naturalization. The principal applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • It is mandatory that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Upon completion of 36 months of residency in Malta, an investment of at least €600,000 must be made, or €750,000 after 12 months of residency.
  • You must buy a residential property worth at least €700,000 that you will hold for a minimum of five years. Another alternative is to lease a residence for €16,000 a year.
  • Donate an amount of €10,000 to any organization recognized by the Community Malta Agency. A registered non-governmental organization can also receive contributions. These can be cultural, scientific, athletic, philanthropic, animal welfare, or cultural non-profits.
  • A valid residence card to apply for citizenship. On purchasing real estate property, you’re issued a Malta identity document called an e-ID card.
  • It is essential that you and your family members are in good health.

Application forms submitted by, the main applicant may include the following family members:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried dependents under 20 years old
  • Any dependent parents over the age of 55 years, who must be fully dependent on the main applicant.
  • Each family member must have a clean record and pass a personal background check.

Benefits of Obtaining Maltese citizenship

An applicant who obtains Maltese Citizenship can reap all of the benefits that are associated with obtaining a European passport, as well as many more.

  • Freedom of movement within the European Union: As a full member of the EU, investors who acquire Maltese citizenship are entitled to work and live anywhere within the EU.
  • Visa-free travel: The Malta passport is one of the strongest in the world, and besides freedom of movement and visa-free travel within Europe, it also allows visa-free travel to 183 countries worldwide.
  • Passports for your whole family: With the payment of additional fees, dependents are able to obtain citizenship along with the main applicant.
  • Tax efficiency: Malta’s tax system is based upon residency rather than citizenship, which means you may not have to pay tax in Malta when you become a citizen.
  • Stable and secure nation: Malta’s GDP is among the highest in Europe, and its unemployment rate is one of the lowest. Moreover, it’s considered one of the safest countries in Europe.

To Conclude

When applying for citizenship or residency, investors often find themselves in a bind, which is why it is beneficial to work with an expert. We, at Carte Blanche, are a government approved and duly licensed immigration firm which was established in 2011. If you’re a foreign investor seeking to relocate, invest, or establish a business in Europe while attaining second citizenship, get in touch with our consultants to learn more about how you can obtain Maltese Citizenship.

Kai Alana

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