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Law means the code of rules, instructions, restrictions, and rights that govern and govern the behavior of human beings. Lawyers save an innocent and punish the criminal keeping the law in mind. But the role of law is also played by moral, religious, and other social codes. In law, the Indian Constitution at present has only 395 articles, and 12 schedules and is divided into 25 parts.

But at the time of its creation, the original constitution had 395 articles which were divided into 22 parts, it had only 8 schedules. Here you will learn about Green Card Lawyer and get complete information about Immigration Attorney, Employment Visas. Law is the rule to run a country. Law and justice The Indian Constitution guarantees personal liberty and the security of life to all. Better law and order create a better society and environment.

Maintaining peace, reducing crimes, and providing security to citizens is the main part of law and order in any state, city, or region. With the help of law, we do all these things very easily like maintaining peace, maintaining the status quo, preserving individual rights, protecting minorities against the majority, promoting social justice, and providing orderly social change. With the help of law, a country can be run peacefully and according to rules.


Employment Visas

An employment visa is given to those foreign nationals who are employees of Indian companies hence employment visa is used. Today, where we will talk about, according to the law, Indian employment visas are given to foreign nationals, those citizens who work in Indian companies. Get complete information about Employment Visas. As per law, dependents and spouses of employment visa holders working with NGOs on employment visas and who wish to accompany employment visa holders on their visit to India can apply for entry visas. Let us tell you that the validity period of this entry visa will be as long as the validity period of the employment visa. Employment Visa should not be an Indian citizen, only then can you apply for this Employment Visa. If you are a foreigner and a highly skilled and/or qualified professional, as required by law. Employment Visas will not be given.

You can apply for Employment Visas both online and offline as you want to. Whichever country you are a resident of, you have to bring all the necessary documents only then you can apply. Talking about the money to get Employment Visa, it will cost $ 120.00 for 6 months, if you are a US citizen, it will cost $ 160.00 for 1 year. If you are another foreign national it will be $120.00 for 1 year and $80.00 for 6 months. You can apply for Employment Visas on the official website. If you want, you can also apply for an employment visa offline.


Immigration Attorney

An Immigration Attorney is responsible for representing individuals involved in the immigration process. It includes legal, illegal citizens and refugees who want to live in the country as well as start the system and many candidates want to get employment. Immigration Attorneys often represent clients who are going through difficult times in their lives. People who can work together. Where today we will talk about Immigration Attorney or Immigration Lawyer, we will know whether it can help in negating many legal implications of migrating to a new country.

People who can work together, people who are fearful or anxious at the prospect of being deported, or frustrated by a long, complicated process all need an immigration attorney. Immigration Attorneys protect you from complications and negativity and also advise you on applying for visas and other types of documents.

Green Card Lawyer

A Green Card Lawyer can provide legal advice and guidance regarding documentation and interviews. You can get any document or any kind of legal advice through Green Card Lawyer. An interview may be the final step in the process before an individual receives a decision from USCIS. Let us tell you that getting a green card is a bit difficult, given the permission to work independently within the rules of the visa. But let us tell you that technically one is allowed to apply for a green card without the help of a lawyer but navigating the immigration laws alone can be troublesome and one can face a lot of problems.

A small error in the paperwork, unintentional misinformation or lack of evidence by a Green Card Lawyer can be disastrous. A green card attorney with experience in immigration and nationality law will be able to catch any mistakes due to their knowledge and experience, as well as organize information and act in a timely manner.

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