Everett car accident: Check important laws in Washington State here!

Car crashes can often result in serious injuries and losses. Such auto wrecks and accidents, unfortunately, are quite common in Washington state. If you were injured in an accident in Everett, your immediate step should be about informing the local police. Call 911 without delay if someone is injured or in need of medical assistance. You may also want to consult an Everett car accident attorney. In this post, read more about car accident laws in Washington State and why you need legal representation. 

Should you report the accident?

Anyone involved in an auto accident – including pedestrians and property owners – must report the accident and complete the Motor Vehicle Collision Report. Accidents that result in injury or property damage of $1,000 or more must be reported. If you called the local police after the accident and a law enforcement officer investigates the accident scene, you don’t need to file a report separately. 

The statute of limitations

Washington State’s statute of limitations allows three years to file an injury lawsuit after an auto accident. If you intend to take action against the driver at fault, you must take measures within this deadline, or else, your case will be dismissed in all likelihood. For wrongful death lawsuits, the deadline remains the same. 

The pure comparative negligence rule

What happens when more than one party is at fault? Washington State follows the pure comparative negligence rule. If you were negligent, you can still file a lawsuit against the other driver at fault and recover money, even when your fault share is more than 50%. However, your settlement will be reduced by your share of negligence in percentage. 

Why do you need a car accident attorney?

Car crashes are often complicated in real life, and if you don’t take immediate action, you may miss valuable information, evidence, and witnesses. If you want to file a claim against the at-fault driver, you are responsible for proving everything in the claim. To add to your woes, insurance companies are rarely compassionate to victims. The claims adjuster may try to push the blame or use flimsy reasons to minimize the settlement. Hiring a car accident attorney is your best bet at protecting your interests. A good lawyer knows what it takes to negotiate, and they would do anything to get you a fair settlement. 

Call an attorney in Everett soon after the accident to get impartial advice for your claim.

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Why Do You Always Need Truck Accident Lawyers?

Trucks are very large vehicles so whenever an accident involving one happens, the results are catastrophic. These results often end up being even worse because victims decide not to hire truck accident lawyers to represent them. No matter what you think right now, the truth is you have to hire someone to help. Munley Law attorneys highlight the main reason for that below.

Insurance Companies Are Dishonest

After the accident, insurance adjusters quickly gather information about everything that happened. This includes gathering evidence to figure out a fair settlement amount. Then, they will offer a settlement amount. The problem is that the settlement amount offered will not be as high as it is warranted.

When you sign the deal offered by the insurance company, the claim is over and you cannot ask for more in the future. The truck accident lawyer will analyze the deal you are offered so that it is a certainty it is as high as it should be. If not, negotiations happen and you will surely end up getting more. But, this is very hard without the help of an attorney since you most likely have no idea how to negotiate with someone as experienced as an insurance adjuster.

Not Worrying About Saying Something Wrong

If accidents lead to costly damages, several insurance companies can get involved. They will constantly pressure you to accept lower settlements. All the stress that affects you can easily lead to you agreeing to bad deals. When stress levels are high, it is very easy to say something that will hurt your case.

The truck accident attorney will make sure that nothing improper is said during the negotiations. This is very important to remember since even a simple statement like “I am sorry” can end up being used against you in court.

Several Complications Can Appear

The injured party is allowed to seek fair compensation from absolutely all parties that shared responsibility for the accident. The problem is you can only do this when you have evidence. Having a truck accident lawyer by your side will guarantee you do not have to worry about anything bad that might happen since their experience guarantees they can deal with anything that might be unexpected.

Recovering Non-Economic Damages

Insurance companies might end up offering a large settlement capable of covering all the medical bills. Although this is the case, it is important to stay cautious and not instantly agree to the deal. This is because you might have much larger losses than what you initially calculated. For instance, because of your injuries, you might have lost days at work. Personal injury law allows you to receive compensation to cover your lost wages. When these are not included in the insurance settlement, it is not a fair deal for you.

As you can easily notice, having a truck accident attorney in your corner will help you much more than you might think. There are several other things that can be said about why you need to hire one but those mentioned above should be enough for you to make the correct choice

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Tennessee car accident laws: Things worth knowing!

Some car accidents in Tennessee have devastating consequences. In the aftermath of an auto accident, people often find it hard to make the right decisions. Tennessee is a fault state, and therefore, if the other driver was negligent, you need to gather evidence to prove fault and liability. Talking to a reliable car accident attorney can be handy in understanding your circumstances better. You can click here for help from an injury lawyer. No matter the fault, you need to report the accident. In this post, we are discussing Tennessee car accident laws that are worth knowing. 

Reporting a Tennessee Car Accident 

As per laws in Tennessee, drivers involved in an accident must report the same within 20 days. The accident must be reported in writing to the Commissioner of Safety. This is a must for all accidents that caused injury, death, or involved property damage above $1,500. You should ideally call the local law enforcement straight from the accident scene. Do NOT leave the accident scene until you have taken action. 

The modified comparative negligence rule

Tennessee follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If you had a share in fault, you can still claim compensation for your injuries and damages from the other driver at fault, provided your fault share is less than 50%. Also, your awarded compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For instance, if you were 40% at fault and were awarded $10,000 in a settlement, you can still get $6,000.

The statute of limitations

For the uninitiated, the statute of limitations sets the deadline for bringing a personal injury lawsuit after an accident. In Tennessee, you have one year to file an injury lawsuit against the driver at fault. The count starts from the date of the accident. If the car accident resulted in someone’s demise, the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit within a year. In such circumstances, the deadline starts from the deceased’s day of death, not the accident date. If you are suing for property damage, the deadline is three years. Note that the statute of limitations is not applicable when it comes to insurance claims. You must notify the insurance companies, including your insurer, at the earliest. 

Calling an attorney

Car accidents are rarely simple. Multiple vehicles and drivers are often involved, and insurance companies may use the comparative negligence against you, even when your fault is minor. Call an attorney now to know more about your car accident and if you have a valid claim in the first place.

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When Do You Need A Car Accident Attorney?

When you find yourself in the middle of a car accident, it might get confusing as to what to do next. Almost all car accident victims find themselves in uncertain territories after a car crash. This situation is where a car accident attorney can help and guide you to protect your rights.

When you find yourself in a car crash, insurance companies begin evaluating your claims right away. Insurance companies have a team of lawyers and adjusters. So, it is important not to go against them alone. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer or a car accident attorney to face them first.

Going up against many highly trained attorneys who work solely for a billion-dollar company can be daunting. In a situation like this, the company has the power to determine the compensation. They could give you a few hundred bucks, a thousand dollars, or even deny your compensation claim. When you are unaware of the law, hiring a car accident attorney will help you get what you want, fight a big company, or what alternatives you can use.

When life throws you a curveball, and you get involved in a car crash, you first need to hire a car accident attorney. They assist you with all the steps needed to achieve compensation.

Is Hiring A Car Accident Attorney Worth It?

Hiring a car accident attorney can be very beneficial for you. A common citizen will probably not be aware of the laws. Even if an individual is aware of the laws regarding car accidents, it is unlikely that they know how to fight a company that has skilled lawyers. The job of a car accident attorney is to fight these types of cases.

There are various points to remember and certain factors one needs to consider in selecting a car accident law firm. Although hiring a car accident attorney is a smart decision, choosing the right one can be tricky. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you make the decision.

·       The Law Firm Should Be A Reputable One:

You need to consult a law firm to hire a car accident attorney that is known for litigating cases.

·       The Law Firm Should Have The Financial Resources To Retain The Best Lawyers:

To understand the client, their harms, and losses, a good car accident attorney is required.

·       Past Cases Should Have Been Handled Right:

Try to look into past cases that are similar to yours and which were handled by the law firm or the particular car accident attorney.

Carefully consider these points before you spend money on a car accident attorney and get fair compensation. When you hire a car accident attorney, you allow yourself to present your case fairly in front of the court.

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What to do after a car accident in Saint. Petersburg, Fl.

A helpful way to remember what to do after a car accident at a minimum is to maintain a list of questions to ask your insurance agent and/or representative and your car repair shop receipts in the glove box or console. This will help you remember many things, but it will not be possible to always remember everything, so write everything down! Be sure to keep all receipts and take them with you when you go to pick up your car. Your car accident lawyer in Saint Petersburg will thank you.

If you or one of the other drivers involved in the accident has a personal injury claim, you should contact your personal injury attorney or the firm representing you immediately. If you have any type of insurance coverage (car, home, renters, life, etc.) make sure you have that coverage cancelled out and forward a check for medical bills and/or pain and suffering to your personal injury attorney. In some cases, your car accident lawyer may require a settlement in this area before they will pay for your personal injury claim.

What to do after you have a car accident?

You should call the police right away and describe the accident and what happened. It is important to document all details. Note exactly what was lost, what was stolen, who was injured, and if you had any mechanical or medical issues as a result of the accident. If the other driver fails to make his police report, call a detective to follow up and obtain the police report.

What to do after car accidents involving long term injuries, or multiple vehicle crashes, where vehicles are totalled? The longer people are injured or rendered helpless, the more difficult it is for them to work and live their lives normally. A personal injury attorney can provide support and advice. The longer car accidents last, the harder it becomes to get back on your feet. For these reasons, the victims of car crashes can sometimes be eligible for benefits through Workers’ Compensation programs.

What to do after a car crash involving property damage? The sooner you contact a Florida car crash attorney, the better prepared you will be. If you have sustained any major, life-threatening injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or severe medical bills, it will be important to consult with a medical professional as soon as possible. These types of injuries are generally covered by Workers’ Compensation programs, but will still need to be brought up in the negotiations between you and the other party’s insurance company.

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What Is A Reasonable Settlement For a Car Accident?

Filing a car accident claim can be a daunting task, more so if you’re doing it by yourself. Given that cases differ, you may have a rough idea or expectation but wouldn’t know how to tackle the claim so as to avoid unwanted car accident consequences.

You can get an idea about the average settlement for your car accident case by consulting an accident attorney. The experienced attorneys at Flagler Personal Injury Group have handled similar cases and know the work they require.

What’s A Reasonable Settlement For A Car Accident in Miami?

Everything discussed in this paragraph assumes there is adequate insurance coverage. On average, settlements for car accidents in Miami are about $15,000. A claim with only property damage can start from $3,000 and can significantly rise up to $75,000 for a case where there are major injuries. If the injuries are severe enough, settlements can be over $1 million. However, an average claim will have a settlement amounting to $15,000. Each car accident is treated as unique since you cannot equate the amount you’re likely to receive based on typical settlements or averages.

How Was The Average Claim Determined?

The average settlement for a car accident in Miami is $15,443, as per a popular insurance information association. However, it’s typically hard to base all cases on this finding because not all cases pass through the legal system. Additionally, some claims that go through the courts do not have the terms of the agreement made public.

These are some reasons why it is hard to know the exact average settlements for car accidents in Miami. However, attorneys base their judgment by getting guidance from insurance industry experts and settlement agreements on the public domain to determine the average car accident settlement.

Recoverable Damages in Settlement for Car Accident

The amount you should expect in a car accident settlement depends on various factors. These damages help in the calculation of the total compensation. They include the cost of injuries treatment, the severity of harm, whether the injuries are treatable in a short period or if they will last a lifetime, lost earning potential of a victim, rehabilitation, degree of the pain and suffering of a victim, mental injuries, emotional care, and counseling, loss of ability to provide essential services to a family-like inability to feed makes someone care given, damage to property, and punitive damages

With all these damages in mind, it’s clear that a victim should be compensated. The rule is clear and shows that a higher amount of compensation should be paid in a car accident settlement when it’s severe. If a victim receives a minor accident, chances are the losses incurred are lower as compared to someone who gets severe mental injuries in an accident.

Another scenario to look out for is where a victim was the sole provider of the family before the accident. In this case, victims deserve a better settlement for failing to provide for their family in addition to undergoing physical pain and limitations in activities.

Do Car Accident Settlements Differ Between States?

Yes, there are different states in the US, and the settlement differs per state. In Miami, the state law guiding car accident settlement will not be the same as others. Florida has the no-fault law, which is applicable where only self-insurance companies send claims with property damages and some minor injury. Here, individuals make their claims through insurance companies when seeking compensation, and they are not obligated to prove who was at fault during the accident. The claims issued through the no-fault system often are of lower amounts compared to the ones not using the no-fault procedure.  The no-fault system often exempts serious issues that are likely to affect the settlement amount, like life-changing and permanent injuries.

Owing to system factors, some states have higher or lower car accident settlement averages based on the guiding law. But, better settlement is based on what is included during the calculation and category of the claims per state.

What is the Duration a Car Accident Settlement Takes?

On average, a car accident settlement can be estimated to take between one month and up to two years. Typically, a case can take between 12 – 18 months for compensation. On regular occasions, the duration depends solely on the severity of the damages. In cases where there are minor injuries, it can take a few weeks for the victim to receive the settlement.

 But for claims where the injuries are more severe, it may take longer to do the valuation, prove the liability and give a response to the defenses raised by the defendant. It may take too long for the case to be settled in a case with more complex legal issues.

Reasons Why Settlement for Car Accident Can Take Long

Even though the average duration of a settlement is between 12 months to some years, a case may take longer than the projected time. In such instances, legal proof and significant documentation may be involved to ensure the victim receives fair compensation. The steps that may make the process long include:

  1. Valuing the damages
  2. Assessing and researching the law that is relevant in your case
  3. Investigating all the case facts
  4. Collecting and building witnesses statements
  5. Working with an expert attorney
  6. Determining the responsible accident party
  7. Assessing long-term damages
  8. Collecting evidence for all losses like non-economic ones
  9. Participating in the settlement negotiations
  10. Complying with legal requirements for documentation and issuing demands to build your evidence.

If you’re faced with an accident, a car accident attorney can be of help till you get a reasonable settlement. The expert will diligently document your case, build evidence to sustain the case, and be better placed to negotiate a fair bargain on your side.

Car accidents can drastically reduce the quality of your life permanently. You need to act fast to get fair compensation. Hiring an expert in your time of need guarantees fair results for your claim. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Vital prospects of practicing family law – Don’t become one before you read this!

The ultimate job of all lawyers is to be of help to their clients but how many do their jobs with the best precision and emotional connection like the family law attorneys? The reason behind this is probably the gravitas that the things involved in a family case have, like justice for a maltreated spouse or a child’s well-being. Not many cases can ever match up to such areas of family law. 

Having said that, it is needless to mention that family law is an exciting and popular area of law and if you’re trying to become a family lawyer, you’re at the right place. We will give you the information that you may need to become one. 

Family Law – What is it?

According to the information contained in reputable law sites, family law is that area of law that addresses all kinds of family relationships. The field of family law practice comprises the creation of relationships within a family through custody or adoption and breaking off relationships through terminating parental rights and divorce. 

Hence, it is positively downright when we say that family law is one of the most emotional and passionate aspects of law. 

Topics included in Family Law

What is the array of topics covered in a local family law firm? Well, family law is highly diverse and the topics studied in one legal institution can be different from those studied in another. Nevertheless, there are few core topics in family law that you should know of.

  • Financial separation, dissolution, divorce
  • Children’s rights (considering the ability of a child to make their decisions)
  • Parentage, children, contact, residence, parental responsibility. This also includes surrogacy, adoption, child abuse, child abduction
  • Domestic responsibilities towards family members under International Treaties like the ECHR
  • Domestic abuse

Are you interested in becoming a family lawyer?

In order to become a reputable family lawyer, you should exhibit certain characteristics and should have relevant experience in your working field. You also need to be passionate about this subject. 

Is family law for me?

When you choose a career in this aspect of the law, you have to work with both children and adults and hence should be ready to face clients every now and then. The adults and children you will deal with might be in distressing and dangerous life situations. Hence, you should be able to cope with these situations. 

If you’re someone who already has a passion for extending your helping hand towards people, this helps you in forming your career. The tasks of a family lawyer will vary from being a tax lawyer to a divorce lawyer. It is highly crucial for you to detach yourself from the problems of the clients and remain professional in whatever you do. 

What does a family lawyer do?

The family attorneys are there to assist clients in understanding their position and solving problems related to family and relationships. They draft pre-nuptial agreements to safeguard the financial interests of a person, give advice to people on grounds of divorce, or draft agreements of separation.

As long as children are concerned, family lawyers mediate arrangements like residence, contact, and access. They also expedite the process of solving issues in the upbringing of a child, like who will get the parental responsibility for making all decisions regarding the child. 

Family lawyers also make applications for court orders that are relevant to the case that they’re dealing with. In case there are no chances of a settlement, a family lawyer may even take his clients through the in-court procedure. 

So, if you’re trying to become a family lawyer, you need to be prepared for all this. For a lawyer who loves to present arguments on behalf of a family member, family law is the perfect field of practice. 

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Hiring A Military Divorce Lawyer: Everything You Need to Know

If you serve in the military or your spouse is a military service member and you are contemplating a divorce, it is best to speak to a military divorce lawyer. Military divorces are quite different from traditional divorces in many aspects. That’s why it is crucial to find a lawyer that specializes in military divorce. The most significant differences include the rules and regulations that apply to these proceedings and the unique benefits that military members are entitled to. A military divorce lawyer understands all these aspects and can represent you well in court to ensure that you get a fair settlement.

In this article, we are discussing everything you need to know when it comes to hiring a military divorce lawyer, including reasons to hire a military divorce lawyer and how to hire the right one. Let’s delve into them.

Reasons to hire a military divorce lawyer

Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire a military divorce lawyer if you are a member of the military or you are married to a military and you are going through a divorce.

  • A military divorce lawyer understands military divorces better

As mentioned above, military divorces are quite different from traditional divorces. A military divorce lawyer understands this.  U.S. military members and their spouses must follow divorce regulations than civilians. For example, a service member on active duty is excerpted from “default” divorce- a failure to respond to a divorce action.

Usually, when a person is served with legal papers, they are required to respond in some way like appearing in court or filing an Answer and Counter-Petition to divorce. Failing to do either of these can lead to severe consequences. This in-depth understanding of military divorce can impact your case significantly.

  • The lawyer will answer all your questions

When contemplating a divorce, numerous questions are running through your mind. You are probably asking yourself how child custody will be settled, how your property will be divided amongst you, how the divorce will proceed if you or your spouse is still on active duty, etc.  A military divorce lawyer is familiar with military regulations and can put your fears to rest and provide you with the essential information you need.

In a nutshell, a military divorce lawyer will walk with you through the unique challenges that come with military divorce and guide you on your rights and interests using their years of experience handling military divorces.

  • The lawyer will ensure fair property division

Just like any other divorce case, military divorce cases also face a huge challenge of the division of financial assets. Spouses of service members are typically entitled to half of the member’s disposal of retired military pay acquired during the marriage.

However, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act [USFSPA] exempts former spouses from any portion of the service member’s pay, including combat-related compensation and disability pay.  Since a military divorce lawyer is familiar with these differences, they can help your divorce process go smoothly and swiftly, while protecting your interests.

  • A military divorce lawyer understands how custody and child support arrangements are handled

When it comes to military divorces, child support, child custody, and visitation are arranged in the “best interest of the child”, which is the same standard used in a civilian divorce. However, visitation and custody arrangements can be very complicated because service members may be called for duty at any time, or they may be required to move to another state or country for work. A military divorce lawyer understands all these and will ensure that the agreement accounts for all of these.

How to hire a military divorce lawyer

Now that you have explored some of the reasons why you hire a military divorce lawyer, let’s now take a look at how you can hire the right military divorce layer.

  • Pay attention to the qualifications of the military divorce lawyer

Qualifications are among the first things you need to focus on when hiring a military divorce lawyer. You need to ensure that the lawyer you intend to hire is a professional who has completed his or her training from a recognized law school. You can determine this by checking the lawyer’s credentials. A military divorce is more complicated than a civilian divorce, that’s why you need to ensure that the lawyer you hire is qualified to handle the divorce case.

  • Experience level

Experience also matters when it comes to hiring a military divorce lawyer. How many years has the lawyer been handing military divorces? How many cases have they handled involving military members? How many cases have they won? Getting answers to these questions can help you gauge the lawyer’s experience on military divorces. Having a lawyer with military law experience on your side can provide you with crucial information that can help your case in a huge way.

  • Check how the lawyer communicates

Communication is key when it comes to divorce cases. As mentioned above, military divorce can be quite complex and there are things you may not understand. So you need to hire a lawyer who can explain things to you in a simple way that you can understand. If you ask the lawyer any questions, he or she should answer you clearly and directly to the point.

  • Availability

You should also pay attention to the lawyer’s availability. You need a lawyer who will always be available for you. You can determine this by asking them during your initial consultation about their availability. If you feel like the lawyer is too busy and won’t give your divorce process the attention it needs, you can look for another lawyer.

  • Legal fees

Finally, when hiring a military divorce lawyer, you need to pay attention to their legal fees. Divorce lawyers generally charge differently for their legal services; some charge higher while others charge affordable rates. You can ask the lawyer during your initial meeting about their charges. It is advisable to hire a military divorce lawyer whose fees suit your budget. However, don’t base your hiring decision on cost alone; pay attention to other things, such as the lawyer’s experience, commitment, and communication skills.

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How to Respond to a Copyright Infringement Notice

Copyright infringement is a serious matter and can cost you anywhere from $150,000 to $1,000,000 per instance if you are liable. If you receive a cease & desist letter from an attorney, author, graphic designer, musician, or ISP provider, do not dismiss the letter and think that simply taking down the copyrighted material from your website will be enough.

By ignoring the situation, you open the door to potential statutory damages, as the plaintiff spends more resources on trying to prove they own the material and try to get you to remove it.

Copyright owners can file a takedown request through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This 1998 copyright law criminalizes the production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intent on circumventing the measures put in place to control the access of copyrighted material.

If you have a cease & desist letter claiming that you violate the rules of the DMCA, contact a copyright lawyer in Toronto to discuss your next plan of action.

What Is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement is when someone takes an image, movie clip, sound file, video, or art and displays it without permission from the owner. Anything that a person creates individually or in a team can file for copyright registration to protect the material against someone claiming it as their own and making a profit.

You can file a copyright on:

  • Sound recording/music
  • Screenplays
  • Novels/short stories
  • Graphic art
  • Sculptures
  • Computer programs
  • Compilation pieces
  • Architectural works

The technology we have today makes it easy for someone to copy a song or image from the internet with just a click of the mouse. Some people even go as far as claiming the work is their own to try and earn money or build up their career.

Some people think if they copy an image or song from the internet and change it, such as only using part of a song or changing the color or background of an image, they are not infringing on the copyright. Modifying copyrighted material is illegal, and you may face significant fees if you do this.

Other forms of copyright infringement include:

  • Using copyrighted material on your website without permission or acknowledging the original owner of the material
  • Using parts of copywritten songs
  • Clothing with slogans or images that are copyrighted
  • Directly copying from another literary work (plagiarism)
  • Sharing feature-length films, TV shows, and music

Some website owners try to avoid using copyrighted material by putting a “No copyright infringement intended” notice on their page, but this will not hold up in a court of law.

Steps to Take When You Receive a Copyright Infringement Notice

First off, don’t panic. And do not call the copyright holder or their attorney until you have more information. Remember that anything discussed with the copyright holder or their attorney can be evidence against you. Your first step is to speak with a Toronto copyright lawyer and examine all of your options.

Do Not Ignore the Copyright Infringement Letter

By ignoring the letter, you open yourself up to be liable for a significant amount of money. The more time you take to respond, the more money the copyright holder can claim if they have to spend more time and money getting you to remove the material from your site.

Copyright infringement fees, including jail time, can vary:

  • Statutory damages can be between $750 – $30,000 per infringement.
  • Civil penalties per instance can go up to $150,000
  • Damages in the amount of any profit you earn from the copyrighted material
  • Criminal penalties can go up to $250,000 per offense with up to five years of jail time

Do Not Speak to the Copyright Holder or Their Attorney

Speaking with the owner of the material or their lawyer can give them more information to use against you. In the heat of the moment, you may say something and unwittingly admit you are at fault or admit that you knew that material belongs to someone else.

Your first call should be to a copyright lawyer specializing in copyright law with a successful track record of defending their clients.

Cease & Desist Letter

If you receive a cease & desist letter, don’t panic and think you will be liable for tens of thousands of dollars. The majority of cease & desist letters simply ask that you remove the material and pay a minimal licensing fee. This fee would be what they will typically receive when you go through legal means of using the material.

If you do decide to respond to the letter, make sure to include the following:

  • The claim against you
  • Validity of the owner’s legal claim
  • Any legal defense options you have
  • Details about your removal of the material from your site, including removal date
  • Counter-settlement if they are asking for any monetary compensation

If you are unsure about how to respond to a cease & desist letter, contact a copyright lawyer in Toronto about how to proceed.


The high cost of litigation, which averages around six figures, reduces the risk of some authors and artists pushing toward litigation. The high risk of not winning is not worth the potential financial gain. Sometimes having your attorney reach out to the copyright holder is enough to get them to settle on a lower amount without dealing with a court lawyer and all of the legal fees.

Preparing Yourself for Copyright Infringement

When you first receive a notice about copyright infringement, you want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where did you get the material?
  • Do you have a valid license for the material?
  • Is it a Common Creative license?
  • Was the license purchased initially under a different name, employee, or independent contractor?

If you do not know the answer to these questions, that is OK. A copyright lawyer can help review your infringement activity and prepare for possible litigation if they do not want to settle out of court.

Common Creative License

A Common Creative license is a public copyright license where the owner allows others to use their material. Aspiring artists, photographers, and musicians will do this to build their brand. Sometimes the copyright owner does not understand the copyright registration type and inadvertently sets it to a common creative license.

How a Copyright Lawyer Can Help You

Copyright infringement is a serious issue and can quickly become more costly than it has to be. Finding the right attorney in Toronto to help represent you if someone claims you stole their copyrighted material can save you money and possible jail time.

An attorney with experience handling copyright infringement cases will look into whether or not the copyright holder is within their rights to file a claim. They will make sure that the license is not a Common Creative license and whether or not the owner is still within the statutory period for filing. The statutory period is only three years, and the copyright holder may not be aware that it is no longer under copyright registration.

Sometimes infringement activity is accidental. You may not realize the image has a copyright. If you remove the image from your site and receive a cease & desist letter, an attorney can help settle for a lower amount as the infringement is not intentional.

If you have a cease & desist letter and do not know your next step, reach out to a professional copyright lawyer who can help you understand your rights and represent you if your case goes to litigation.

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Is St. Petersburg a Safe Place to Drive?

The question, “Is St. Petersburg a safe place to drive?” is most commonly asked by motorists as they approach the city. Although St. Petersburg does have some relatively low car accident statistics, there are also most dangerous intersection in St. Petersburg. The question is not easy to answer because statistics don’t always reflect behavior. The question becomes, however, whether or not safety is a factor when drivers are thinking about making a decision to make a given street.

What all one should look out for?

When looking at statistics for St. Petersburg, Florida, one thing that stands out quickly is that it has one of the most dangerous intersections in the State. This particular intersection is located in front of City Hall at Fifth Avenue South. At one time, the street was one of the most dangerous to drive through, but now it is one of the safest. What has changed? Traffic counts indicate that there are now more cars speeding and weaving in and out of traffic at this location than ever before.

What should a driver do when approaching an intersection such as this one? One thing they should do is look both ways before making their decision to move into the street. This is especially important when traveling on a busy street where many drivers are passing each other. Even if there is no cross traffic, it is still important for a driver to determine whether they can see all around them. By seeing everything, drivers will reduce the chance of making a risky decision that could have disastrous consequences.

Some drivers mistakenly believe that the number of traffic signals indicate a lower occurrence of drivers making unsafe decisions. While traffic counts do reflect the number of vehicles that enter an intersection, they also reflect how many drivers are able to complete their daily round. intersection traffic lights are not just a measure to regulate traffic, but they are a valuable tool that is used to ensure safety.

With this in mind, it is important that drivers pay attention to intersections.

  • When driving in St. Petersburg, Florda one must always be aware of their surrounding environment. The same holds true for drivers.
  • Driving through heavy traffic, passing trucks and buses can be very difficult without proper insurance.
  • However, by paying attention to what is around him, a driver will ensure that he is a safe place to drive.

Driving through rainy conditions or night time, may also prove to be extremely challenging. By paying attention to how one is driving and by only using on-road lights, a driver will help ensure that he is driving in a safe and predictable place. Is St. Petersburg a safe place to drive? It most certainly is!

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