Hire a Business Lawyer If You Are In the Entertainment Industry

A qualified orange county entertainment attorney will ensure that client’s intellectual property rights are not compromised and take legal action against breach

The entertainment business is cut-throat, especially when you need to concentrate on getting the best project off the ground as soon as possible to reduce costs and achieve maximum commercial value. When you are focused on developing your craft and bringing your ‘A’ game to every creative endeavor, you need a well-qualified attorney who can help you navigate the complexities of entertainment law.

Why You Need an Entertainment Attorney

With so many changes in the contemporary entertainment industry, various types of media content can be distributed through a multitude of different platforms. This can present seven challenging legal issues. Navigating the complexities of the legal process requires knowledgeable and competent assistance to avoid errors, omissions, and delays in whatever project you are involved in.

Whether incorporating a new startup venture, negotiating a sponsorship agreement, or filing for copyright protection of your original content, a qualified Entertainment Attorney can take care of the legalities on your behalf so that you can focus on the other important details of your business and career.

Why Legal Representation is Needed in the Entertainment Industry

With so many streaming services and online platforms now available for all kinds of talent to showcase their work, it can be an arduous, if not impossible, task to protect your own work from piracy, plagiarism, or outright theft. Our attorneys help to enforce your copyright and trademark protections at all times. They will ensure that your original content has been property registered with the appropriating government entities and that licensing contracts and distribution agreements are in place for authorized users. Our qualified attorneys will ensure that the economic and intrinsic value of your work is protected.

How an Entertainment Attorney Can Assist

You may be a writer, musician, or other type of artist or creator. Having an entertainment attorney will help you at every stage of your career, from the early creative stages to the peak of your success. From conception through development, an attorney will work in tandem with you to protect your rights and clear any legal hurdles as you navigate the inroads of the entertainment industry.

An Entertainment Lawyer Can Help Your Entertainment Career

An entertainment lawyer can provide sound advice on projects which can help you avoid risks and protect your economic interests. Attorneys often help with negotiating financing for projects, serving as a liaison between talent and industry professionals, protecting valuable intellectual property, or assistance with applying for guild or union membership. We serve as personal attorneys addressing specific client needs and as general counselors on a wide variety of business or career issues.

Entertainment Lawyers Help With Lawsuits

There are bound to be disagreements in any business endeavor. Any number of disputes can arise when dealing with producers, filmmakers, and others involved in the entertainment world. An entertainment lawyer in New York who has industry knowledge and experience has a greater understanding of the specific types of conflicts that present themselves and how best to resolve them.

Why Entertainment Lawyers Are Hired for Business

Entertainment lawyers play a big part in many of the agreements that are negotiated throughout the industry. The attorneys have expertise in licensing and distribution deals. They are able to secure the rights to a project. They can help to secure investment funds or obtain a private placement memorandum for passive investors, all of which will be reviewed by your attorney.

It is easy for intricate details to slip from your mind when juggling several important business dealings at the same time. Hire an attorney to handle the monotony of researching securities laws, venture capital investment regulations, and debt financing.

Since the lawyers are from the business world and have in-depth knowledge of corporate law and formation, the attorney can craft the incorporation documents and help determine which corporate structure is best for your type of business.

Whether forming an LLC, corporation, S Corp, or partnership, the attorney can adjust the structure and plans of any agreement in accordance with the wishes of the business owners.

Duties of an Entertainment Lawyer

  • – Make artist agreements
  • – Live performance contracts
  • – Licensing
  • – Permits
  • – Releases or agreements
  • – Tour management
  • – Artist management
  • – Business management
  • – Promoters
  • – Conductors
  • – Stage managers
  • – Security

Business Lawyers have years of experience with formulating contracts and agreements that protect the creative and economic interests of their clients. Whether you are a talent, a media company, a creative or an independent professional in the entertainment industry, we provide general legal counsel and specific legal representation to all our clients in the entertainment industry.

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