How Is Workers Compensation Calculated?

Although you might not necessarily need an attorney to assist you in collecting your initial workers compensation benefits, you might prefer to hire an injury lawyer to guide you through the process and advise you how you can get the most money you deserve. The insurance companies typically have lawyers on their side, so really, why not seek out an experienced group of injury lawyers working on your behalf? When you are in pain, you deserve to get the maximum amount for your injuries. An injury lawyer can provide you with that guidance.

What all should be considered for calculating workers compensation?

  • To begin with, your medical records should be examined. These records will be needed in determining your eligibility for benefits.
  • These records will also be required when your disability claim is denied, so it is important to make sure that they are complete and accurate.
  • The records will include the details of your accident as well as details of your disability. For instance, if you are injured due to a car accident, the doctors will take pictures of your wounds and report these details to your injury lawyer.
  • Along with your medical records, you must also present evidence of your injuries throughout Pennsylvania. This evidence can consist of x-rays, copies of police reports, prescriptions, and so forth.
  • If you have a permanent disability as a result of your injuries, you must submit letters from doctors who attended your rehabilitation and can also provide copies of your medical bills.

Your injury lawyer will examine all this information to ensure that you received proper compensation for your injuries. If you are filing a standard disability claim, it is fairly easy to establish the date of your injury. However, if your injury is the basis for a workman’s compensation insurance claim, your claim must be filed within three years of the date of injury. In addition, the benefits awarded during this process are usually quite substantial.

Workers’ compensation insurance claims will cover all medical costs for you and your family for a particular period of time. In addition to being awarded compensation for lost wages, workers’ comp will also pay disability benefits for a specific body part. Each body part will be evaluated to determine its importance in terms of limiting your ability to function normally. Often, the most important parts of the body are those that are difficult to move, such as the spine or the legs. Thus, if you suffer a back injury that limits your ability to bend over and lift, your claim for workers’ compensation may be approved.

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