July 5, 2022


3 Main reasons why a marriage ends in divorce

Not every marriage lasts forever, and that’s okay. As a widely accepted way to get a new start, divorce is nothing to be ashamed of and can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, outside circumstances can strain a marriage to the point of no return. Sometimes, people change and grow during marriage and are no longer a good fit for each other. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. Here are 3 reasons why a marriage may end in divorce.

Lack of intimacy or romance

One of the top reasons for divorce in the UK is a lack of intimacy or romance in a relationship. The most common reason for this is that one or both members of the couple just fall out of love, no longer feeling the attraction and passion that they once did.

Some people may feel their partner isn’t giving them enough attention and is taking them for granted. Maybe they’re spending less time with them and being less physically affectionate.

This can happen for many reasons. From physical changes such as putting on weight to mental or life changes such as mental health conditions or medications that lower libido.


One of the five “grounds for divorce”, one partner seeking gratification outside of the marriage is often seen as unforgivable. Even in instances where a couple attempt to continue the marriage, the loss of trust can eventually lead to divorce.

If you’re using adultery as grounds for divorce, bear in mind that emotional cheating, accessing online services and kissing don’t fall under this category. However, a fair number of marriages can break down due to these kinds of adultery.


Conflict is another common reason for divorce and covers everything from arguments to disagreements about beliefs or life choices. Couples may find themselves arguing more about small things, or disagreeing on the bigger things in life. Some common conflict topics are:


Whether it’s about whether to have children at all, whether to have more children or how to raise children, disagreements about this serious topic can lead to the irreparable breakdown of a relationship.


Having a partner who doesn’t share your view on money can be difficult. Reckless spending, debt or low income can all lead to conflicts about money that can damage a marriage beyond repair.

Life stresses

Stress caused by work, children, health or other aspects of life can lead to more arguments over small, seemingly insignificant things.

Divorces can be blameless, stemming from a lack of compatibility or beliefs, or they can have a defining action behind them. Either way, it’s important to remember that legal representation is always a must in divorce cases. Even in amicable divorces, ensuring that the best solution is found for everyone is key. Using a specialist family lawyer such as Cordell and Cordell ensures that you get the best representation.

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