September 7, 2022


7 Common Accidents That Happen At The Workplace

It is astounding how common accidents are in the workplace. If you ever wonder what kind of accidents happen, this article will talk about the 7 most common ones.

#1: Slips and Falls

These are incredibly common when it comes to workplace accidents. Slipping and falling at the workplace can be minor but it can be major depending on the age and condition of the victim concerned. Did you know that an average of 50 people die in the United States of slips and falls? That’s right. It shows how dangerous they can be and how much compensation they can bring.

The thing is that a personal injury lawyer Farmington can tell you exactly how much compensation your slip accident at the workplace can get.

#2: Struck by a Moving Machine

This too is quite common at workplaces. Think construction sites, and you will come up with moving machinery that is getting used. If one were to get struck by any such machinery, it can cause serious injuries.

#3: Fire

A fire at a workplace can start because of many reasons. It may be accompanied by explosions. As you can clearly understand, anything such as this can cause serious injuries easily.

#4: Caught Inside a Hazard

Crushed or compressed between equipment or machinery can be terrifying and they do happen at workplaces. Or it can be a cave-in caused by shifting or sliding objects.

#4: Vehicle-Related Accidents

One can get struck by a vehicle at the workplace. It is also possible to get crushed by one.

#5: Overexertion

Did you know that stress and overexertion are one of the effects of going to work every day? That’s right, overexertion at the workplace can be a serious issue if not detected and treated soon. The repetitive tasks that some workers need to perform may cause injuries over the long term. There are many aspects to this but overexertion can indeed cause injuries in the workplace.

#6: Entanglement with a Machine

Getting entangled with a machine can be terrifying. It so happens that there are machines that may have a body part of the victim get entangled in it like hair or even an arm. Then the whole person can get entangled with the machine before there is a chance of stopping it. This can cause very serious injuries and may even lead to death.

#7: Chemical Spillage

Some chemicals are toxic to the environment. They may spill onto the earth and other surfaces causing injuries to human beings. This too can be defined as a workplace accident.

As you can well see, workplace accidents can take many forms and shapes. But the truth is that it can be dangerous in even the simplest circumstances. Things can happen that no one expected and they can cause serious accidents. So if you or a loved one has been in such an accident, it is a good idea to go ahead and see an attorney who can make sense of it.

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