How to Make Your Live Scan Appointment Go Quickly and Smoothly

Opting for a live scan service has its perks for every organization. You may have also picked a great service provider and fixed a date. Now all that’s left is to show up and get what you need. 

Whether it is your first time going in for a live scan appointment or not, you may be wondering how to make this process effortless. You don’t have to spend a whole day at a live scan service location. 

In this article, we delve into practical tips that can make your live scan appointment a breeze. 


Once all the required documents and information are readily available, you will get in and out of the fingerprinting facility in no time with satisfactory results. 

However, nothing guarantees a fast and effective live scan appointment like coming prepared to the live scan fingerprinting location. 

The preparation entails making all the required information available or taking a break from certain activities a few days leading up to the appointment day. 

Here are tips to make your live scan appointment happen quick and easy with no hitch: 

  1. Make sure you bring the following items and information to your live scan location on the day of the appointment: 

A Valid, Government-Approved Photo ID (be it state ID, U.S passport, driver’s license, military ID, or green card). In the absence of this primary form of identification, you can tender one or two of the following supplemental documents (Social Security Card, Certificate of Citizenship, Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV), Department of Defence Common Access Card, or Government-issued Marriage Certificate)

PLEASE note that no live scan vendor will accept an expired form of identification from you. So, ensure you check the validity status of your ID, so you can update it or get a new one ahead of your live scan appointment. 

Valid, Acceptable Forms of Payment which include:  

  • MasterCard, Visa, Discover cards, and American Express
  • Cash or check. Please note that payment via cash or check may not apply to all live scan locations. So, if you intend to pay by cash or check, contact your live scan vendor before your appointment day to confirm its acceptable mode of payment. 
  • A company-issued Direct Bill Authorization Form

Your request for a live scan service form (you can get this form from your employer, requesting agency, or the live scan vendor itself as the case may be) 

The address where your fingerprinting results will be sent to and the knowledge of the purpose or reason of the requested background check. 

  1. Take a Break 

To avoid unnecessary delay or hassle on your appointment day, consider taking a break from activities that put pressure on your fingers for at least a few days leading up to your day of the appointment. 

If you undertake any of these activities, such as gardening, rock-climbing, weight-lifting, you may need some period of respite. 

  1. Find a Digital Technology-Inclined Live Scan Vendor

Try to opt for a live scan service provider that utilizes live scan digital technology instead of the manual method of ink and roll. Ink prints are acceptable, but advanced digital technology produces high-quality live scan results in a matter of minutes. 

Fast capturing, high-quality images and effective transmission of prints are some of the benefits of live scan digital technology.

  1. Make Adequate Plans

To have the fingerprinting service as quick as possible, you need to plan. For example, if you want your appointment on a Monday morning, you can take time off work and spend the weekend babying your fingertips: no weight lifting, no cleaning, no gardening. 

If your work involves regular typing or handling of paper, you should plan. Too much exposure to chemicals such as acetone, bleach, chlorine, and antibacterial products can make the live scan system reject your fingertip on the appointment day. 

To avoid this, start applying lotion on your hands at least 3-4 times per day for one week preceding your live scan appointment. 

However, it is widely recommended that you not apply any lotion on your hand on the appointment day. 

Other helpful hints to keep in mind include: 

  • Be punctual. Otherwise, you may risk having your appointment rescheduled. 
  • Livescan vendors will not fingerprint people with sores or open wounds on their fingers. So, you may consider scheduling an appointment once healed. 
  • You should avoid using lotion, perfume, or oil-based products on the day of the appointment 
  • Upon entering the facility, you might be asked to switch off your cell phone or any non-medical-related electronic device. So, plan ahead.  
  • Do not use hand sanitizer before coming to the live scan site. It will be provided for you after the appointment.


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