Benefits Of Using Business Advocate Practice Management Software

A business lawyer is among the best management software for law firms and website. It is free software in its light version. This business lawyer software is intended for medium and small law firms. The free version allows you to create things like merging documents, signing, and dictation. A kind of bible of acts is provided. According to your needs you can modify or add new templates according to your need. To access additional modules, you should choose the paid mode (invoicing, call book, internet relationship archives, etc.

Why Business Advocate Software Is A Strategic Choice For The Law Firm?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the supply of rights on the market. The significant and increased competition within the legal profession and the judicialization of various fields in society lead to an ever-acute need and professionalism for lawyers. To speed up production and minimize the risks taken by the lawyer, opting for Business Lawyer software can help lawyers better manage their tasks. To better choose the lawyer software that meets your needs, you must consider the software’s purpose. For all law firms, we can mention 2 essential points:

Technical assistance software allows the creation of content for the lawyer as a documentary base easily accessible via the Internet. Depending on the case or the operation, there is a library of frames to customize.

There is also management software such as accounting or invoicing software, Personal Injury Case Management Software. There is also time-tracking software. Other interesting features are also offered, the management of the firm’s activity and the dematerialization of archives.

Digitizing Your Law Firm Provides Invaluable Benefits

Facing the challenges of the legal profession is crucial in this digital age. Time management, issues related to the slowness of justice, and financial management are some of the significant challenges that most lawyers face from time to time. With Business lawyer software, you can make the management of your law firm smarter. By using well-configured tools, you can save your employees several hours each week. Before starting a law firm, it is essential to understand the difficulties associated with legal accounting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large business; staying compliant is critical to your success and survival. Unfortunately, lawyers are extremely sensitive to compliance issues. This software is a great help for all lawyers who want to manage the finance side of their law firm effectively.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Mercedes Diesel Emission Scandal

The Dieselgate diesel emissions scandal may have started in 2015 with Volkswagen but it quickly blew up to include other equally popular vehicle manufacturers. One of these carmakers is Mercedes-Benz, a German automotive company like VW. 

The Mercedes emissions scandal began the same way VW’s story did – with the US Environmental Protection Agency calling their attention and revealing their use of illegal defeat devices in diesel vehicles they sold in the United States. Mercedes has had to pay fines and fees, and face group litigations as a result of this.

Several years later, the diesel emissions scandal reached European shores when the KBA (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) forced Mercedes-Benz to recall over 770,000 of their vehicles in Europe in 2018. Authorities acted on claims that the cars were equipped with defeat devices intended to cheat on emissions tests. 

In 2019, five defeat devices possibly used in Mercedes vehicles were identified by the ICCT or International Council on Clean Transportation. The devices were alleged to have used technology that suppressed emission levels every time a Mercedes-Benz vehicle was being tested. 

The Mercedes emissions scandal eventually spread throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. There are now thousands upon thousands of affected Mercedes car owners in the UK, and many have started the process of claiming emission compensation.

What do defeat devices do?

As mentioned above, defeat devices are intended to cheat on emissions testing. It can detect when a vehicle is being tested, and it automatically reduces emission levels so the vehicle’s emission levels would stay within the safe and legal limit set by the World Health Organization. 

However, when the vehicle was driven in real-world road conditions, the defeat device uncaps the vehicle’s emission levels, making them exceed the EU and WHO limits. So, essentially, a vehicle installed with a defeat device is a pollutant.

When Mercedes sold these defeat device-equipped diesel vehicles, they did so by marketing them as clean and safe. In reality, though, their customers paid a premium using their hard-earned money for highly polluting cars.

Mercedes’ defeat devices also significantly contributed to the increase of nitrogen oxide in the air. NOx is dangerous to the environment and human health.

What is nitrogen oxide?

NOx contains the gases nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which are two of the components of acid rain and smog. It is also responsible for the formation of ground-level ozone, which is another type of hazardous gas.   

Aside from its negative effects on the environment, NOx also has several impacts on human health. The most common of these indirect and direct effects are:

  • Headaches
  • Eye irritation
  • Corroded teeth
  • Breathing problems
  • Lung issues
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chronically reduced lung function
  • Asthma or aggravated asthma
  • Respiratory diseases

In severe cases, where the exposure is extensive, there is an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. NOx exposure has also been linked time and again to premature death. One such case is the death of Ella Kissi-Debrah, a UK resident who died in 2013. The nine-year-old had been in and out of the hospital for 28 months because of seizures. She also had 28 hospital visits related to breathing problems. She succumbed to a severe asthma attack and acute respiratory failure in February 2013. 

An inquest on her death was opened and in December 2020, the coroner concluded that Ella died of causes related to air pollution. She and her mum, Rosamund, lived near the South Circular Road in Lewisham, a heavily polluted area. As a result, Coroner Philip Barlow called on the government to immediately act on setting new targets for PM2.5 or particulate matter based on WHO guidelines. 

What the Mercedes emissions scandal did

Mercedes and its defeat devices affected the environment, their customers, and millions of people innocently going about their daily lives. 

The customers had no idea that the vehicles they purchased were not the clean and safe engines that they were marketed as – that the vehicles were actually pollutants. As such, Mercedes lied to their customers and mis-sold thousands of diesel vehicles. Each customer who bought Mercedes vehicles with defeat devices should be compensated by the carmaker.

Nitrogen oxide’s negative effects on human health are not known to everyone. So, the thousands upon thousands of people who go about their daily lives, traveling from one location to another are exposed to polluted air. Mercedes’ defeat devices contributed to this global environmental and health issue.

Lastly, high NOx emissions mean higher maintenance costs and fuel bills for affected customers. As such, they have every right to file a diesel Mercedes claim

Filing your Mercedes diesel claim

Filing a Mercedes diesel claim is the right of every affected driver. It can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you do not know how to go about the process. So, the best thing to do is find someone who can help you, someone trained and experienced to do so like the panel of emissions solicitors at Their panel of solicitors know what you need and how to go about the emissions claims process. The panel behind the website  has won several claims cases, so your chances of winning are higher if you work with them. Get in touch with them now!

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Ways Electronic Legal Filing Can Benefit Your Law Firm And Boost Success

In the last few years, most states have implemented or plan to implement electronic legal filing systems for their courthouses. While the final realities of this change might take time to reach all courts, electronic filing is a significant move towards a more improved system for case filings. Further, attorneys and their assistants are not tied to the same routines and traditions that dictate their time and energy.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Legal Filing?

Electronic filing benefits are evident in some Federal and state court systems. So, if your law firm is new to the world of eFiling, or if your court is about to adopt the approach, here are the things you can look forward to.


Improved efficiency is one of the most significant things electronic filing can bring to your business. You can transfer all your legal documents through a secure connection. This eliminates the need to wait on a courier or stand in line at the court. Also, you’ll not have to leave your office to file some documents at the last minute.

Court clerks also go through the documents easily without additional time transition between filers. With a few clicks, your document will be processed faster and more conveniently than shuffling through the papers as you wait. This way, you free up some valuable time to concentrate on your work.

Better Use of Resources

As a lawyer, it is frustrating to print out the final version of a document only to spot some mistakes on the first page. That means editing and reprinting the document, which makes it possible for papers to pile up. Various studies show that the average law firm uses up to 100,000 sheets of paper per attorney annually.

Luckily electronic legal filing is revolutionizing the industry. It eliminates the need for printing, searching and finding errors, reprinting, changing some information, and so forth. It makes it easier to address an issue, save your document, and resume filing. Better still, it eliminates the storage needed for keeping printed documents. It offers automatic and secure storage.

Enhanced Accessibility

Imagine having to go through piled-up paperwork to look for a file you need for the next court appearance? This can be pretty overwhelming. Electronic case filing is here to take the burden off your shoulders. When you digitally file your legal documents, you can easily access them whenever need be. In addition, multiple people can review the case simultaneously from wherever they are at. For instance, the jury, court staff, and the opposing party can review the case files, allowing everyone to move forward on the same boat.

Ultimate Security for Documents

Anyone with a valid license can take case documents from the court. This makes it challenging to track modifications to the file. You might not know when pages are added or removed, which can inconvenience a case.

Fortunately, e-filed documents are difficult to modify. You can also do regular audits on the filed documents to make sure none is tampered with or altered. The original date and time of submission have a layer of verification linked to the entire case.

Better Connection to Information

Printed documents rely on the reader’s perception and ability to read and retain keywords. It is also an essential aspect of digital documents, but reading screens opens up more possibilities. Readers have greater control over the information due to text searchability. They can locate keywords and phrases and use bookmarks to aid navigation. This way, you can create a document that appeals to the court staff reading it.

Greater Control

It is easier to track electronically logged files. Involved parties can view status changes, schedule submission dates, and mitigate risks with greater transparency. Electronic legal filing will enable your law firm to have minimal dependence on couriers and third-party delivery services that might not deliver their promises. You also do not have to rely on the availability of the court staff because your documents are filed once you click “submit.” You’ll also have a timestamp as proof that you met the deadline.


When submitting legal documents to the court does not involve a lengthy cycle, your law firm can achieve more. Electronic case filing replaces what could be days of waiting and traveling with a draft, upload, and submission process that takes a few minutes. Better still, your assistant staff can handle the whole thing.

The process frees up resources and time that you and your support staff can commit to streamlining other workflows, meeting your clients, and increasing your law firm’s reach.

Electronic Legal Filing Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes are relatively common in electronic case filing, with the most frustrating being those that lead to court rejections. That’s why we have shared the mistakes to avoid so that you can have a smooth process.

Discrepancies and Missing Information

While technology speeds up the filing process, it also opens doors for forgetting small things. Some of the common problems include irrelevant and missing information. Therefore, it is essential to double-check your information for clean filings. You can also use legal software and document automation tools to ensure that incorrect and unrelated information is not left in the file.

Incorrect File Formatting

File formatting is a prime thing that requires attention in electronic filing. Each court has requirements around the files and the documents you must include with a case. Therefore, it is vital to understand the file format, file type, file format, and file content your court wants. It is also crucial to ensure that additional documents are associated with the filing if necessary.

To Sum Up

 Electronic case filing is significantly faster to process and brings a range of advantages to your law firm. Therefore, your best bet when digitally filing is to familiarize yourself with the territory and even consider hiring an electronic legal filing expert. These professionals understand the intricacies of the process and will go above and beyond to avoid some of the common mistakes involved with e-filing.

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How to Make Your Live Scan Appointment Go Quickly and Smoothly

Opting for a live scan service has its perks for every organization. You may have also picked a great service provider and fixed a date. Now all that’s left is to show up and get what you need. 

Whether it is your first time going in for a live scan appointment or not, you may be wondering how to make this process effortless. You don’t have to spend a whole day at a live scan service location. 

In this article, we delve into practical tips that can make your live scan appointment a breeze. 


Once all the required documents and information are readily available, you will get in and out of the fingerprinting facility in no time with satisfactory results. 

However, nothing guarantees a fast and effective live scan appointment like coming prepared to the live scan fingerprinting location. 

The preparation entails making all the required information available or taking a break from certain activities a few days leading up to the appointment day. 

Here are tips to make your live scan appointment happen quick and easy with no hitch: 

  1. Make sure you bring the following items and information to your live scan location on the day of the appointment: 

A Valid, Government-Approved Photo ID (be it state ID, U.S passport, driver’s license, military ID, or green card). In the absence of this primary form of identification, you can tender one or two of the following supplemental documents (Social Security Card, Certificate of Citizenship, Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV), Department of Defence Common Access Card, or Government-issued Marriage Certificate)

PLEASE note that no live scan vendor will accept an expired form of identification from you. So, ensure you check the validity status of your ID, so you can update it or get a new one ahead of your live scan appointment. 

Valid, Acceptable Forms of Payment which include:  

  • MasterCard, Visa, Discover cards, and American Express
  • Cash or check. Please note that payment via cash or check may not apply to all live scan locations. So, if you intend to pay by cash or check, contact your live scan vendor before your appointment day to confirm its acceptable mode of payment. 
  • A company-issued Direct Bill Authorization Form

Your request for a live scan service form (you can get this form from your employer, requesting agency, or the live scan vendor itself as the case may be) 

The address where your fingerprinting results will be sent to and the knowledge of the purpose or reason of the requested background check. 

  1. Take a Break 

To avoid unnecessary delay or hassle on your appointment day, consider taking a break from activities that put pressure on your fingers for at least a few days leading up to your day of the appointment. 

If you undertake any of these activities, such as gardening, rock-climbing, weight-lifting, you may need some period of respite. 

  1. Find a Digital Technology-Inclined Live Scan Vendor

Try to opt for a live scan service provider that utilizes live scan digital technology instead of the manual method of ink and roll. Ink prints are acceptable, but advanced digital technology produces high-quality live scan results in a matter of minutes. 

Fast capturing, high-quality images and effective transmission of prints are some of the benefits of live scan digital technology.

  1. Make Adequate Plans

To have the fingerprinting service as quick as possible, you need to plan. For example, if you want your appointment on a Monday morning, you can take time off work and spend the weekend babying your fingertips: no weight lifting, no cleaning, no gardening. 

If your work involves regular typing or handling of paper, you should plan. Too much exposure to chemicals such as acetone, bleach, chlorine, and antibacterial products can make the live scan system reject your fingertip on the appointment day. 

To avoid this, start applying lotion on your hands at least 3-4 times per day for one week preceding your live scan appointment. 

However, it is widely recommended that you not apply any lotion on your hand on the appointment day. 

Other helpful hints to keep in mind include: 

  • Be punctual. Otherwise, you may risk having your appointment rescheduled. 
  • Livescan vendors will not fingerprint people with sores or open wounds on their fingers. So, you may consider scheduling an appointment once healed. 
  • You should avoid using lotion, perfume, or oil-based products on the day of the appointment 
  • Upon entering the facility, you might be asked to switch off your cell phone or any non-medical-related electronic device. So, plan ahead.  
  • Do not use hand sanitizer before coming to the live scan site. It will be provided for you after the appointment.


From a team of certified technicians, low-cost service to super quick live scan Certifix has established itself as a leading live scan service provider with over 500 locations in California and Florida. This is just what you need when you search “live scan near me” dream come true. 

Once you find the nearest location to you, you can schedule an appointment using our step-by-step procedure. There is nothing to worry about. We are a live scan fingerprinting provider certified by DOJ, FBI, and the FDLE. 

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Can an Intellectual Property Lawyer (IP Lawyer) Protect My Ideas?

Yes, many types of intellectual property, or IP, fall under the protection of an intellectual property lawyer. Toronto creations of the mind or original works of authorship include creative and intellectual works like designs, symbols, and commercial signs. Whether you’re into processes, machines, research and development, or fine arts, an intellectual property lawyer offers significant benefits.

Simple Ideas and Vast IP litigation

It is possible to find copyright protection or apply for a patent protecting a wide range of IP conceptions, from engineering inventions to plant breeders. Intellectual property falls under the definition of an intangible asset—a non-physical item that holds value or is owned and can be bought or sold. There are many IP types, including non-disclosure agreements, patents, trademarks, copyrighted works, and trade secrets.

IP laws aim to protect these intangible assets in much the same way as physical belongings. The legal policies protect Intellectual property from poaching for a period of time, creating an environment that encourages innovative ideas and intellectual rigour. Protecting the work before setting out to offer a product or service is a vital step in a successful venture, but how can you legally safeguard your ideas?

Canada works to protect your legal rights as an author and creator, so there are options for when you are getting sued or need to sue someone for intellectual property infringement. Do you have a new idea or creative work that you want to protect? Contact an intellectual property lawyer in Toronto today!

Is It Essential to Protect Original Work?

We live in a creative world fueled by constant innovation. Your creative works contribute to this environment and help it to thrive. When new ideas enter the market, people have the opportunity to consume these thoughts and products in a new and exciting way. The market is always looking for fresh, compelling designs, work, and ideas, and your original work can blossom in the right creative climate.

The modern economy is knowledge-based, so there is a significant value placed on intellectual property. Legally safeguarding your ideas allows your work to flourish, and original work is just as important as any physical asset. You put thought and effort into creating and developing your work, so why not ensure that it is yours to use and enjoy for a lifetime?

Safeguard Your Intellectual Property: Five Areas to Consider

Canadians can utilize a multitude of options to protect intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and industrial rights. IP rights apply slightly differently in each category, and a competent intellectual property lawyer like Shift Law will be able to offer guidance around the right legal protection options.


Patents grant inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for up to 20 years. It includes the rights to sell, make, distribute, and import these patented works. It is the most common tool for protecting inventions and provides ample incentive for inventors that want to receive recognition for their creativity.

You can leverage an IP patent by licensing it (allowing someone to utilize it for a fee or sell it entirely). It maximizes the profit potential and ensures you make the most of your invention. It is possible to keep an invention a trade secret, but a patent offers a far more competitive advantage and shows investors or shareholders your commitment.

Patenting an invention requires disclosing the full details of the design or work in published patent documents. You must also apply to the patent office detailing your invention (which will become public knowledge).


A copyright is an exclusive right to produce, reproduce, publish, or perform original work, also called the author’s rights. The works eligible for copyright are broad and may include literary, artistic, scientific, and dramatic bodies of work. The presiding copyright law acts in your defence when others try to replicate these works without permission.

In Canada, all original creative work is eligible for copyright. However, it is vital that you utilize this law to guard your ideas early on so that complicating factors do not enter the negotiations. International laws also protect copyrights, encompassing economic and moral rights worldwide.

  • Economic rights refer to the control of distribution.
  • Moral rights refer to the author’s rights and cover alteration of a work that might damage your reputation or acknowledgement as an original creator.


Company or brand identities fall under the protection of trademarks. It distinguishes a particular good from others, keeping in mind that the sign or symbol needs to be distinctive to be trademarked. The trademark might apply to words, letters, numbers, symbols, shapes, symbols, tastes, and smells.

One example of a famous trademark is the logo and brand name of “Coca Cola,” owned by the Coca-Cola Company. The trademark means that no other parties may use or copy Coca-Cola’s name or logo.

The owner of the trademark controls who uses the ‘mark,’ ensuring protection from counterfeiters and maximizing consumer trust in the brand. Trademarks are vital in the business world, with large enterprises often using them to develop a unique brand identity. In Canada, trademarks can be registered for ten years and renewed for another ten years.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets consist of business information that derives value from being kept a secret. For the data to qualify as a trade secret in a legal setting, it must:

  • have commercial value,
  • be a secret, and
  • have been subject to reasonable measures by the company to protect its discovery.

Trade secret examples include new technology development, original product designs, a perfect recipe, and customer data. In Canada, trade secret law is based on the common law framework.

Industrial Rights

Industrial intellectual property falls under an umbrella term in IP. It might include patents for inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, commercial names, geographical indications, and much more. A design must be original, new, and suitable for industrial production to qualify for protection by industrial rights.

For example, a well-designed product that’s visually pleasing is a vital offering in a competitive marketplace. Consumers enjoy appealing aesthetics, and industrial design rights offer a way to protect the elements that distinguish your product’s look and feel from similar items.

Wielding Intellectual Property as a Tool for Success

Many businesses are unaware that they have intellectual property. It’s crucial to speak to an IP lawyer as soon as possible about understanding the company’s IP assets and developing a robust strategy to protect them. A proactive approach is the best intellectual property strategy, no matter your company’s position within the business cycle.

An intellectual property strategy should be prepared well and ready to take your business to its highest potential. An effective IP strategy also involves monitoring competitors’ patents and trademark activities. These approaches optimize the impact of intellectual property on revenue, reputation, and relevance and equip you with an effective way to demonstrate your vision to investors, stockholders, and management teams.

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The Rewards of Owning a Property at Sumadhura Soham

An exciting creative collaboration has introduced itself to Sumadhura Soham, a growing property at Whitefield, Bengaluru. A refined understanding of the finest living and versatile design has made the property at Sumadhura Soham the perfect residence for all. The facilities/amenities Sumadhura Soham from this extraordinary residence is second to none.

Why you Should Consider Sumadhura Soham for a Future Stay
Below, we can learn about Sumadhura Soham in more detail, discussing its facilities, and more generally.

  1. Getting to and from Sumadhura Soham
    The properties at Sumadhura Soham benefits from a great location in Whitefield, Bengaluru. Offering easy access to public transportation, schools, banks, dining, IT Parks, shopping, and hospitals. Residents within the building can have a direct entrée to the subway station, which serves trains round the clock.
  1. How much is the Cost Price?
    If you are looking for properties for rent in Sumadhura Soham, it is roughly on par or a little above the average cost found in other metro cities. The property’s excellent location, proximity to the nearest station, luxe amenities, and dining make it a great home address for tenants and home buyers alike. The price range of Sumadhura Soham ranges from 1.06 Cr to 1.44 Cr.

  2. Top-Notch Amenities

    The fabulous Sumadhura Soham Complexes offers a built-up area range of 1455 – 1575 sq for 2.5 BHK. Sq. ft, 1560 – 1820 sq. ft for 3 BHK is and 1900 – 2070 sq. ft for 3.5 BHK. The 14 towers with a construction of 4 floors have been designed according to modern standards. Facilities/amenities Sumadhura Soham including high-speed internet, indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, 24/7 attended lobby, and direct access to the gym are offered.
  1. Bank Approved
    Sumadhura Soham Bangalore has received its list of approvals from State Level Impact Assessment Authority Karnataka, Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB), and Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike(BBMP). If you are looking for a property then Sumadhura Soham Complexes are good to go for as they are approved by top banks such as ICICI, Axis, HDFC, PNB, SBI, and LIC HFL.

The Sumadhura Soham Society is already a highly desirable residential address for home buyers and tenants. If you’re interested in this property, then contact a property dealer to receive more information.

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