3 Ways a TBI Lawyer Helps Your Injury Case

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can happen in almost any kind of accident. You do not even need to suffer head trauma to sustain a TBI. A TBI can cause a variety of symptoms. These effects of a TBI can include cognitive impairment, emotional and mental symptoms, and even physical issues. A TBI can leave you with massive bills for medical treatment, physical and mental health therapy, and medication. It can rob you of your ability to work or even perform necessary daily activities.

Here are three ways a TBI lawyer can help you recover compensation after you suffer a TBI.

What Is a TBI Lawyer?

Lawyers take the same basic courses in law school regardless of their eventual practice areas. Most lawyers learn their fields of practice by handling cases for clients. A TBI lawyer has experience helping accident victims who have suffered a TBI. This experience gives the lawyer insight into your needs as well as the strategies that help the lawyer put you in the best position to recover injury compensation.

Some ways a TBI lawyer’s experiences help your case include:

Analyze the Value of Your Case

You need to know the value of your case. The value of your case tells you:

  • Whether you should pursue a claim
  • What compensation you can expect
  • When you have received a fair settlement offer

A TBI lawyer understands your needs after you suffer a brain injury. This provides the lawyer the insight into valuing your claim. Your economic damages include your past and future medical expenses. A TBI lawyer knows the cost of the medical treatment you have already gone through. But the lawyer also knows the additional treatment, therapy, and medication you will likely need as you deal with the effects of your brain injury.

You will also have non-economic damages from your TBI. These damages compensate you for the diminishment in your quality of life due to your TBI. Some non-economic effects a TBI can have on your life include:

  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Sleep disorders
  • Inconvenience
  • Inability to perform activities

A lawyer with experience handling cases involving TBIs will know the evidence needed to prove these non-economic losses.

Work With Your Doctors to Document Your Case

To work with accident victims, injury lawyers must understand the symptoms you experience. They must also understand the medical terminology used by your doctors in your medical records.

Your medical records will be essential to your injury case. A TBI lawyer will use these records to prove:

  • The extent of your TBI
  • The duration of your TBI
  • The prognosis for your recovery
  • The effect of your injury on your ability to work

Your lawyer will work with your doctors to ensure that the lawyer understands your medical records. Your lawyer will use their experience to make sure your records support the lawyer’s legal theories for compensation.

Present Your Case to an Insurer and a Jury

Your lawyer will need to explain your injuries and the damages you suffered to insurers and jurors. Experience with TBIs will give the lawyer insight into how to make sure they get a complete picture of your injuries and how they affect your health. Armed with this knowledge, the insurance claim adjuster or jury can get an accurate measure of your damages.

Choosing a TBI Lawyer

Most injury lawyers offer a free consultation. Use these consultations to speak to a few different lawyers. Make sure you discuss their experience with TBI cases, so you can pick the one with the right kind of experience for your case.

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