Benefits of Having a Truck Accident Lawyer

When the driver of a large truck, big rig, or tractor-trailer negligently brings about a collision with a smaller vehicle, the result can be devastating and sometimes deadly. In most instances, the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle suffer the more serious injuries, such as fractures, broken bones, head and brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

If you are injured in a truck accident that takes place in New Jersey, the insurance company for the at-fault truck driver or trucking company may supply the necessary insurance coverage. However, in many instances, insurance companies significantly under-value these claims and will look for ways to limit settlements and payouts to accident victims. After all, insurance companies want to try and save themselves as much money as possible.

Sometimes, insurance companies will claim that the accident victim was not injured to the extent he or she claims and refuse to cover all injury-related losses. In other situations, insurers might challenge liability for the accident to avoid paying some or all of the victim’s losses.

Fortunately, a New Jersey truck accident lawyer at Leonard Legal Group is here to help. Our firm can negotiate on your behalf and work to help you obtain the monetary compensation and damages that you deserve for your injuries. If the truck driver or trucking company’s insurer refuses to pay you the compensation you need, we could file a lawsuit against the at-fault party in the state court system and litigate your case to a conclusion there.

How a New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you have been injured in a truck accident that was caused by a truck driver and/or trucking company’s negligence, there are several ways that a New Jersey truck accident attorney could assist you with your case. An experienced lawyer could help you with all of the following and more:

  • Investigating the cause of your accident and determining which individuals and entities to name as potential defendants in any lawsuit that is filed
  • Gathering all of your medical treatment records and bills and submitting a demand package to the adjuster for the at-fault truck driver’s insurance company
  • Negotiating with the adjuster to obtain a settlement offer that is full/fair and which truly compensates you for your injuries and related pain and suffering
  • Helping you decide whether you should accept a settlement offer that the insurance company puts on the table
  • If necessary, litigating your case in the state court system, or in the alternative, resolving it by way of mediation or arbitration

Call a New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer Today

If you have been injured in a truck crash that was caused by a negligent driver or some other responsible party, a skilled New Jersey truck accident attorney at Leonard Legal Group may be able to assist. We can help you pursue a result that fully compensates you not only for your injuries, but also for the pain, suffering, and inconvenience that you had to endure because of your truck accident. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a New Jersey truck accident attorney, please contact us online today.

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