How to File a Prilosec Mass Action Lawsuit in 4 Steps

Millions of patients across the globe rely on drugs to manage different health conditions. These medications should be safe, and this isn’t always the case. In some instances some drugs pose adverse side effects, leading to drug recalls. A perfect example is Prilosec OTC. This is an antiacid drug that has been recalled by the FDA due to the many claims from patients. If you have endured severe side effects from Prilosec use, you can file a mass action lawsuit.

What are mass action lawsuits?

There are some dangerous drugs in the market, and product recalls happen each day. Some are not tested before entering the market and can harm a community or a group of people in numerous ways. The affected individuals can then file a mass action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company.

Mass action lawsuits are actions presented by multiple individuals who have incurred damages from a similar product. The lawsuit offers an opportunity to recover from the injuries incurred and economic losses. What’s more? The lawsuit through an injection then makes changes to the drug company’s practices.

How can you file a mass action Prilosec lawsuit?

Due to the high costs associated with individual cases, most prefer mass action lawsuits. They are a cost-effective way of legal representation and are more economical. With the Prilosec recall, most people are now seeking ways to file class-action lawsuits.

Here’s how to go about it;

  1. Contact a dangerous drug attorney.

An attorney should be the first person to engage when you plan to file a Prilosec OTC lawsuit. As simple as the suit seems, you can’t do this in an attorney’s absence. The professional will determine your eligibility for filing the claim and guide you on how to do it. That’s not all! A dangerous drug lawyer will handle all the paper documents on your behalf, and argue your case in court to ensure that you get the right compensation.

  1. Sign an agreement

Once the lawyers determine that Prilosec harmed the group of people, you can now sign an agreement with the attorney and file the case. The case should include all the allegations for the lawsuit.

  1. Class certification

Class scarification is the most critical step in mass action lawsuits. Before you file the class action complaint, the class should be certified by a court. The court commences the certification process, or the plaintiff files a motion to get class certification before the lawsuit can proceed.

To qualify as a class action, the group should consist of at least 30 persons.

  1. Due process& Individual notification

A notice describing the class is sent to all the individuals involved in the lawsuit. At this point, people forming the class can still opt-out to pursue individual cases. The primary plaintiff or the group representative also provides a compliance certificate to the court and the defendant.

Final thoughts

Following the Prilosec OTC recall, some lawsuits have since been filed. Some are individual suits, while others are mass action lawsuits. If you have been harmed by the drug and want to file a lawsuit, contact a harmful drug attorney to guide you.

Kai Alana

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