Social Security Disability Benefit Payments: What Do You Get Them and for How Long

Every person who applies for Social Security benefits will always wish to get approval sooner than later. And once approved, they may wonder how often they will get payments. Social Security benefits come in different forms and the average benefit amount tends to change based on the amount the original application covers. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a record of every payment made to the recipient to make sure they receive the benefits they have qualified for. If you have yet to file a benefits claim, a phoenix ssd attorney can help you prepare the necessary paperwork and supporting documents to increase your chances of approval.  

When Do Checks Arrive?

Generally, the SSA issues payment on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday of every month. Although the exact amount of money received for every beneficiary is different, the schedule of payment is often the same. Sometimes, recipients may be eligible to get payments on every payout day of the month. 

What To Do If Payment is Not Received?

If you were expecting a payment and it did not come, you may have to wait for a minimum of 3 full business days before you contact the SSA. After this period, you can contact the agency through their website. However, if you encounter problems along the way, your attorney can assist you. 

How Long Can You Receive Disability Benefits?

Social Security benefits are constantly provided to you as long as you stay sufficiently disabled or as long as you cannot work because of your disability. You should expect the SSA to review your case periodically to determine your eligibility for benefits. The review generally takes place every few years. It is important to report changes in your condition to the agency, even if such changes would lead to the cessation of your benefits. 

Your SSD benefits will stop if your disability is no longer serious or debilitating enough to prevent you from working. Also, you will no longer receive these benefits if you reach the age of 65 since you will automatically start getting Social Security retirement benefits. In general, you will receive the same amount of money every month. Lastly, you will also lose your SSD benefits when you are earning too much money. The SSA has guidelines for what’s too much in terms of how much you can make while receiving Social Security benefits depending on whether or not you are blind and if you are getting SSI or SSD benefits. 

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