What are the Most Common Family Law Issues?

Family law is a relatively broad area of legal practice that involves the provision of reliable solutions to issues that affect family relationships. Although this area takes care of a wide range of challenges, its focus is on some common family law issues.

So, let’s consider the most common family law issues.

·       Child custody, access, and parenting plans

Separation and divorce often lead to challenges with children where reside as well as the duration that they will spend with each parent. This is what child access deals with.

Child custody, on the other hand, is all about deciding who will make the main decisions as regards taking care of and raising the children. When considered together, these two areas are known as parenting plans.

Therefore, when parents are looking for solutions to issues concerning child custody, access, and parenting plans, they can turn to family law.

·       Spousal support

In some cases, a person may be responsible for supporting their spouse financially. Notably, a spouse is a person that you are married to or living with under common law. Spousal support usually encourages the spouse with a significantly higher income to support the other person with lower earning.

The duration of the relationship and support offered to the children by each parent will determine the amount of the financial support and duration of the payment.

·       Child support

As long as a child is still under 18 years of age, all parents must support them financially. In some situations where the child needs extra care, the financial support may even extend before 18.

Generally, the parent that doesn’t stay with the child provides the child support. This support will take care of the cost of catering to the needs of the children involved in the marriage or relationship. It is worthwhile to understand the number of children to be supported and the income of the parent will determine the amount of child support.

·       Property division

Following separation or divorce, a married couple needs to share the property or money made during the marriage. Also, they will arrange how they will live in the home rented, built, or bought during the marriage. In this situation, family law doesn’t give preference to the spouse who spent more on the property.

However, property division does not apply to couples who were only engaged in common-law relationships. In the case of common-law relationships, each person will still keep their property or money, except the couple built the property or made the money together. However, there are cases where a common-law partner may have some right to the money or property owned by the other spouse, but lots of issues are concerned before sharing it.

In a nutshell, parenting plans, property division, child support, and spousal support are the main issues that family law deals with. Nonetheless, if you have any other challenges that concern you and your family members, you can still get in touch with a family law professional to get some assistance.

Kai Alana

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