What are the Most Common Reasons for a VA Claim Denial and How Can a VA Attorney Help?


For veterans who have served their country and suffered disabilities or injuries during their service, applying for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is an essential step in receiving the support they deserve. However, the sad reality is that many initial VA claims get denied for various reasons. Understanding the most common reasons for VA claim denials and the role of legal services from a VA attorney in appealing these decisions is crucial for veterans seeking the benefits they are entitled to.

Understanding VA Claims

VA claims are requests for benefits made by veterans to receive compensation or other assistance due to disabilities or health issues related to their military service. These claims are evaluated based on specific criteria, including medical evidence and service connection requirements.

Common Reasons for VA Claim Denial

Lack of Sufficient Medical Evidence

One of the most common reasons for VA claim denials is the lack of adequate medical evidence to support the veteran’s disability claim. The VA requires substantial proof that the disability is service-connected, and without comprehensive medical records, this can be challenging to establish.

Pre-existing Conditions

If a veteran has a pre-existing condition that existed before their military service or was not caused or aggravated by their service, the VA may deny the claim. Distinguishing between service-related and non-service-related conditions can be complex, leading to potential denials.

Failure to Meet Service Connection Requirements

VA benefits are granted to veterans whose disabilities are directly connected to their military service. If the VA does not find a direct link between the claimed disability and the veteran’s service, the claim may be denied.

Missing Deadlines

Submitting a VA claim involves adhering to specific deadlines. Failing to meet these timeframes can lead to claim denials. Therefore, it is crucial for veterans to be aware of the timelines and submit their claims promptly.

Inadequate Documentation

Insufficient or incomplete documentation can lead to claim denials. Veterans must provide all necessary paperwork and evidence to support their claims fully.

Non-Service-Related Disabilities

The VA only compensates for disabilities related to military service. If a veteran’s disability is not connected to their service, the claim may be denied.

Dishonorable Discharge

Veterans with a dishonorable discharge are generally not eligible for VA benefits except under exceptional circumstances. In such cases, their claims are likely to be denied.

The Role of a VA Attorney

A VA attorney from Vetus Legal LLC can play a crucial role in assisting veterans during the claims process and appealing denied claims.

Expertise in VA Laws and Regulations

VA attorneys have a deep understanding of the complex laws and regulations governing VA claims. They can provide valuable guidance and ensure that all aspects of the claim meet the necessary legal requirements.

Gathering and Presenting Evidence

A skilled VA attorney will help gather and present comprehensive medical evidence to establish a clear link between the veteran’s disability and their military service.

Appealing a Denial Decision

In cases where a claim has been wrongfully denied, a VA attorney can assist in the appeals process. They understand the procedures involved and can build a strong case for reconsideration.

Representing Veterans in Hearings

If the appeal process requires a hearing, a VA attorney can represent the veteran and present their case before the VA officials.

How a VA Attorney Can Increase the Chances of Approval

Assessing the Validity of Claims

VA attorneys can evaluate the validity of a claim before it is submitted, reducing the likelihood of denial due to avoidable mistakes.

Reviewing Medical Records

Thoroughly examining medical records helps identify any gaps or inconsistencies that need to be addressed before filing the claim.

Securing Supporting Statements

VA attorneys can gather statements from medical professionals and witnesses, supporting the claim and strengthening the case.

Developing Strong Arguments

An experienced VA attorney can craft compelling arguments that highlight the connection between the veteran’s disability and their military service.

The Benefits of Hiring a VA Attorney

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Navigating the VA claims process can be overwhelming, but with a VA attorney handling the details, veterans can experience reduced stress and anxiety.

Improved Communication with the VA

VA attorneys act as advocates for veterans, ensuring that their claims are communicated effectively with the VA and relevant parties.

Maximizing VA Benefits

With a VA attorney’s assistance, veterans have a better chance of maximizing their entitled benefits, and receiving the support they deserve.


Navigating the VA claims process can be challenging, and many veterans face denial for various reasons. However, seeking the expertise of a skilled VA attorney from Vetus Legal LLC in Boston can significantly increase the chances of approval. VA attorneys can assist veterans in gathering essential evidence, appealing decisions, and presenting compelling arguments, ultimately helping them receive the benefits they rightfully deserve.


Can I reapply for VA benefits after a denial?

  • Yes, veterans have the option to reapply if their initial claim is denied. It is essential to address the reasons for the denial and provide additional evidence to support the claim.

What can I do if my claim is still denied after hiring a VA attorney?

  • If a claim is still denied after hiring a VA attorney, further appeal options are available. The attorney will work closely with the veteran to develop a robust case for reconsideration.

How much does it cost to hire a VA attorney?

  • The fees for hiring a VA attorney can vary. Some attorneys work on a contingency basis, receiving a percentage of the awarded benefits, while others charge a flat fee or hourly rate.

Can a VA attorney help with an ongoing VA claim?

  • Yes, VA attorneys can provide assistance at any stage of the claims process, whether it is an initial application or an appeal.

Is there a time limit to hire a VA attorney after receiving a denial?

  • While there is no strict time limit, it is advisable to engage a VA attorney as soon as possible after a denial to ensure a timely and effective appeal process.
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